Which ajah do you belong to?

Take this quiz and find out!

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1. Which weave/Talent would you rather be very skilled in?

2. Two friends are fighting over a very intense topic. What are you more likely to do?

3. You stumble into a discussion on an interesting topic. How do you behave?

4. Your teacher/boss makes a decision that you do not agree with and that affects you very negatively, but has the right to do it. What is your response?

5. How would you rather spend a friday night?

6. What is your ideal occupation?

7. If you find a wallet on the ground, and return it to the owner, why did you return it instead of keeping it and/or take the cash?

8. What type of video games would you prefer?

9. Which historical event is most important, in your opinion?

10. Which title sounds more interesting?

11. You're asked to go out with a friend, but don't feel like it. What do you do?

12. You see someone being violently mugged by a group of people in broad daylight. What do you do?

13. A friend has broken his or her word in regards to something important he or she promised you. Do you forgive your friend?

14. What would you like to do when you retire?

15. What organisation/club did you belong to as a child?

16. What is your greatest strength?

17. What is your greatest weakness?

18. What kind of people do you generally become friends with?

19. What are you most likely to say in a conflict during a group assignment?

20. What is your opinion on children?

21. How would you be as a parent?

22. To which organisation would you rather donate a sizeable amount of money?

23. What do you find most important about music?

24.What type of clothes do you prefer?

25. And finally: Which Ajah can you relate to the most?